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Green Lake Lutheran Ministries presents the life-changing love of Jesus in the vibrant settings of camps and retreats. At any of our three unique facilities-Green Lake Bible Camp in Spicer Shores of St. Andrew in New London, and Camp House near the North Shore, you will experience rest, renewal and fun for people of all ages. 



Welcome to GLLM, Loren Teig!

Green Lake Lutheran Ministries (GLLM) is pleased to announce that Loren Teig has been selected to be its next Executive Director.  Though he will be new to GLLM, Loren is not new to Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  For the last 38 years, Loren has been the Executive Director for Lake Wapogasset Bible Camp in Amery, Wisconsin.  During his time there he has led the efforts to expand retreats, upgrade facilities, expand its member congregations, increase camp attendees and incorporate several additional camp sites into a collection of four camps operating as one organization.  Loren will be full time at GLLM by January 2015.  He will be working to implement a new Strategic Plan recently completed by the GLLM Board that focuses on strengthening congregational relations, seeking new partnerships and collaboration, and improving its financial position.   Loren has made clear his intent to deepen GLLM’s current relationships and cultivate new ones.  We look forward to his leadership.
Thanks Pastor Naomi Mahler!
This will lead to the end of our Interim leadership by Pastor Naomi Mahler who has been guiding GLLM since March 2012.  The Board extends its great thanks to Naomi for her leadership during this time of transition, evaluation and planning.  She both maintained the core operations of camp through its search process and helped the Board to evaluate its programming, perceptions by the outside community and our corporate membership, staffing structures and its strategic planning.  Naomi led GLLM through its 75th year highlighting GLLM’s innovative past and hopeful future.  

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